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  • Community Mental Health
  • Applications of the bare minimum of scientific knowledge to combat disease, disturbance without changing patterns of exploitation has had the result of allowing the population to increase and has thus provoked further deterioration of the quality of life and exhaustion of natural resources.

    The WHO states that community mental health services are more accessible and effective, lessen social exclusion, and are likely to have less possibilities for the neglect and violations of human rights that were often encountered in mental hospitals.

    It is very much obvious in general health and mental health condition of our people. Because majority of our people are very poor, belong to a marginal community so that they cannot maintain their quality of life and to a greater extend to seek professional help for any type of mental disturbance is a kind of luxury. Over and above there are a huge number of persons in our society who need immediate professional help.

    Considering all this conditions we want to start a 'Community Mental Health Service' with a nodal centre at our headquarter Pavlov Bhawan, 6 J Sodepore Road, Kolkata – 700082. We have various future program like training, supervision, mental health survey, psychiatric disease classification etc..We want a live, viable network throughout our state with innumerable small centers as suggested by our community and we want to integrate our mentally disturbed persons with this community network.

    Along with the co-operation of Juktibadi Sanskritik Sanstha, Canning as a joint venture we are starting a Community Mental Health Project from January 2016 at Canning, Dt. South 24-Parganas.

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