Patient Care

  • Psychiatry
  • We under the inspiration of our late teacher Dr. Dhirendranath Gangopadhyay are trying to provide comprehensive, professionally faultless and socially community based psychiatry services. We encourage community based therapy or management and discourage institutional therapy. Professional excellence, as opposed to crass mercenary attitude, is ingrained into our work ethic. Social and community commitment comes on top of our agenda.

    Science has interacted with and influenced history in no less a degree than history has influenced science. The growth and development of all our great traditions cannot be understood without science; but equally science cannot be understood unless it is seen as a natural part of the common tradition. So the situation demands a meticulous study of the history of science, especially the history of medicine and particularly mental health. We have to be keen to find out the dynamic equilibrium between the mechanistic approach of modern medicine (specially it can be said regarding biological psychiatry) and the vitalist attitude of all traditional art of healing, often tinged with mystical magical approach and religious connotations.

    We consider the problem of an individual is not only his or her family’s problem but as a whole social problem. So we give equal attention to all sorts of generalized and individualized problems of our clients round the week at our out patient clinic and centre. Psychiatry services are given by our experienced professionals.

    Treatment done by
    • Dr. Basudev Muherjee
    • Dr. Goutam Bandopadhyay
  • Clinical Psychology
  • We deeply committed to our scientific tradition, we see ourselves as a link between the accumulated knowledge and the continuously developing research. Scientific principles, and not the outdated dogmas, are the only yardsticks welcome employ while determining the path to follow. Our experienced psychologists provided services to our patients on prior appointments in various psychological problems.

    Treatment done by
    • Dr. Tultul Shom (Kolkata) (9830125559)
    • Mrs. Sunanda Das (Naihati Branch) (8017370273)
  • Hypnotic Suggestion Therapy
  • We are working for the last sixty years providing service to the psychiatry patients. Here we follow the scientific principles of Pavlov specially his formulation of individual brain type, second signal system and psychotherapy. With this we formulate hypnotic-suggestion therapy. It is the unique psychotherapy developed by Platanov, Pavlov's disciple on his theory of signal system of higher nervous activities and subsequently enriched by Dhirendranth on Indian condition and along with our cultural tradition. Here 'word' is used as conditioned stimulus and psychotherapeutic factor.

  • Group Therapy
  • Couple Therapy
  • Family Counseling
  • Now it has become evident that ‘modern medicine’ is too expensive a commodity for the sixty crore poor people of this country. The highly complex super-specialization and sophisticated compartmentalization have added to the process. And it has also complicated the process to achieve a sound mental health. But it has been understood that what is essential for man is at least to achieve the goal of not only sound physical health but also sound mental health. We therefore need something in the form of Counselling, Group Therapy, Couple Therapy, Marital Therapy, Family Therapy, Aptitude Counselling, Child Counselling, Cognitive-Behaviour Therapy etc. that are cheap and eco-friendly more in tune with the culture of our people. We have a rich heritage of such system in the poor, old, community based structure of our society. People suffer and finding no other alternative embraced only the insufficient traditional art of healing. This ‘suffering in silence’ has kept alive all forms of the traditional system, alternative medicine. To extract an exact science from it is our responsibility.

    For the last couple of years, all our traditional systems (that are actually counselling in various forms) have acquired a solid economic basis with investment of more capital, more brain, in more effort leading to virtual gold rush. All around we find management training with ‘Dhyan’, ‘Meditation’, ‘Relaxation therapy’, ‘Yoga therapy’ etc.. The positive side of it is that in the process it is struggling hard to become a standard useful, effective and ready for any quantitative analysis, but most unfortunate thing is, it has gradually detached itself from the greater part of society and social consciousness.

    In this cobweb of obfuscation we are in a condition of poverty in the midst of plenty. On one side we have rich heritage, rich resources of all kinds; on the other side our people are forced to maintain a beastly life of bare subsistence.

  • Marital Therapy
  • Aptitude Counseling
  • Child Counseling
  • CBT

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