About Pavlov Institute

Pavlov Institute is a non-profit making social organisation organised by medical professionals, scientists and social workers launched formally in the year 1959, working in the field of biology, sociology, psychology and psychiatry (mental health), based primarily on Pavlovian neuroscience.
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About Ivan Pavlov

Ivan Petrovich Pavlov was a Russian physiologist known primarily for his work in classical conditioning. From his childhood days Pavlov demonstrated intellectual brilliance along with an unusual energy which he named "the instinct for research". (source: Wikipedia)
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Our History

Dr. Dhirendranath Gangopadhyay (1911 - 1998) is the founder-father of this Institute. He tried to propagate the scientific principles and its social relevance of academician Ivan Petrovich Pavlov (1849 - 1936), so if somebody wants to be acquainted with this Institute then it is necessary to be acquainted with Pavlov and Dr. Ganguly. On other words the life and works of Dr. Ganguly is the history of this Institute. details