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Eligibility criteria: Higher secondary (12th) pass

Course particulars:

1. Name of the course: Orientation on Modern Clinical Psychology & Psychiatry

2. Duration of the course: 3 months (120 hours)

3. Weekly three classes (one offline and two online) including patient examination, history taking in a format

4. One final examination of 50 marks (written examination), 25 marks (case history taking), 25 marks (oral examination)

5. A certificate would be given after successful completion of the course

6. Study materials would be provided

7. Course fee: Rs.6000/- to be given in advance

Course and Syllabus:

1. What is Psychology with historical orientation

2. What is Physiology in relationship with medicine

3. History and relationship with Neurophysiology and Psychology

4. Basic Neurophysiology

5. Freud and Neo Freudians

6. Higher Nervous System memory, intelligence, emotion, cognition, perception, proprioception etc. 7. Psychosomatic disorder

8. Learning theory and Pavlov

9. Carl Roger's and his Client-centered Psychotherapy

10. Counseling in practice

11. School mental health

12. Child and Adolescent counseling

13. CBT in addictive medicine

14. Counseling in geriatrics

Practical class (offline):

1. Mamudpur (11:00 A.M-03:00 PM) 2. Sevac near Joka (11:00 A.M-03:00 P.M) 3. Voice of World (11:00 A.M-03:00 P.M) 4. Dumdum (11:00 A.M-03:00 P.M)

5. Naihati (11:00 A.M-03:00 P.M)

Contact Details:

1. Dr. Basudev Mukherjee (Neuropsychiatrist), Mobile No: 7003219033

2. Rupa Mitra (Consultant Clinical Psychologist/Psychotherapist), Mobile No:9883240812/8240436626

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