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School Mental Health Workshop

The School Mental Health workshop addresses the vital aspects of mental health in educational settings, offering insights and practical approaches to fostering a supportive environment for students. The core activities and ethos of our institute underpin this workshop, reflecting our commitment to comprehensive, professionally impeccable, and socially just psychiatric services.

Honoring Our Legacy

We deeply revere our beloved teacher, Dr. Dhirendranath Gangopadhyay, whose original contributions to Indian psychiatry have been foundational to our work. His visionary approach and dedication to the psychosomatic understanding of human illness continue to inspire and guide us.

Our Motto

The Pavlov Institute operates under the motto of providing comprehensive, professionally faultless, and socially just psychiatric services. We prioritize professional excellence over mercenaries and place social commitment at the forefront of our agenda.

Commitment to Scientific Tradition

Our institute serves as a bridge between accumulated knowledge and ongoing research. We are committed to scientific principles, continuously evolving to incorporate new findings and methodologies, steering clear of outdated dogmas.

Workshop Objectives

  1. Understanding the Psychosomatic Approach: Emphasizing the importance of a psychosomatic approach towards mental health, which has been a cornerstone of our institute for over fifty years.
  2. Promoting Mental Health in Schools: Developing strategies to integrate mental health awareness and support systems within school environments, ensuring that students have access to necessary resources.
  3. Training Educators and Counselors: Equipping school staff with the skills to identify and address mental health issues, fostering a supportive and understanding atmosphere for students.
  4. Encouraging Community Involvement: Highlighting the role of community and family in supporting mental health, encouraging a collaborative approach to student well-being.

Core Activities of Pavlov Institute

  1. Psychiatric Clinic: Our regular clinic in Kolkata offers a range of services, including general counseling, psychotherapy, parent guidance, family therapy, career guidance, couple therapy, and family counseling, available seven days a week.
  2. Research and Rehabilitation: We conduct research projects and rehabilitation programs in substance abuse disorder, community psychiatry, and correctional psychiatry.
  3. Collaboration with Social Services: Actively participating with other organizations in the 'Mental Health Movement' in our state, promoting mental health awareness and services.
  4. Pavlov Bhavan: Constructing a permanent hospital and center named 'Pavlov Bhavan,' which will serve as the hub for all our activities.
  5. Educational Programs: Developing and upgrading courses, including a postgraduate diploma in psychological counseling, to equip future professionals with the knowledge and skills needed in this field.

Embracing Cultural and Traditional Insights

Our unique psychotherapy approach, rooted in the teachings of Pavlov and enriched by Dr. Gangopadhyay, integrates cultural and traditional elements, using 'word' as a conditioned stimulus and psychotherapeutic factor. This method, known as hypnotic suggestion therapy, is tailored to the Indian context, blending scientific principles with our rich cultural heritage.

Addressing the Challenges

Despite advancements, mental health care in India remains a luxury for many. Our workshop aims to address these disparities by promoting affordable, eco-friendly, and culturally attuned mental health practices, such as counseling, psychotherapy, group discussions, and family therapy.

Inspired by Professor Einstein's words, "It is necessary to have a creative imagination to see a problem," we strive to develop innovative solutions for achieving sound mental health for all. This workshop is a step towards ensuring that mental health is accessible and integrated into the fabric of our education system and society.

The School Mental Health Workshop at Pavlov Institute and Hospitals is an opportunity to learn, share, and collaborate on promoting mental health in schools. By leveraging our scientific tradition, cultural insights, and community-based approach, we aim to create a nurturing environment for students, paving the way for a healthier future.

We look forward to your active participation and contributions to this vital cause. Together, we can make a significant impact on the mental health and well-being of our students.

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