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98, Mahatma Gandhi Road,
Kolkata - 700007, India.

Patient Care:

Individual patient care for all his or her whereabouts. Treatment by medicine, psychotherapy, counselling and hypnotic suggestion therapy in PAVLOV INSTITUTE, 98, M.G.Road, Kolkata – 700 007.

Research Works:

Mainly on Community mental health, concerning role of the family and at large Community for eradication of Mental Health problem.

The objective of research is creating expert mental health workers after training, Workshops, Field Survey, Rehabilitation programme etc.


Beside patient care, Five Community Mental Health Program are running presently: Naihati Pavlov Institute, Mamudpur, Hooghly, Bidhan Park, Sinthi, Kolkata and Voice of World, Sakherbazar, Kolkata.

One can truly say that the irresistible progress of natural science since the time of Galileo has made its first halt before the study of the higher parts of the brain, the organ of the most complicated relations of the animal to external world.