About Pavlov Institute

Ivan Pavlov, a pioneering Russian physiologist, is renowned for his groundbreaking work in classical conditioning, which revolutionized our understanding of both physiology and mental health treatment. His experiments with dogs, where he conditioned them to associate a bell with food, laid the foundation for behavioral psychology. Pavlov’s insights into the mechanisms of learning and behavior have had profound implications for mental health treatment, providing a basis for therapies such as cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT). His work continues to influence neuroscientific research, shaping our understanding of the intricate connections between the mind and body.

Pavlov Institute is a non-profit making social organisation organised by medical professionals, scientists and social workers launched formally in the year 1959, working in the field of biology, sociology, psychology and psychiatry (mental health), based primarily on Pavlovian neuroscience.
Any person can associate himself with this Institute with a minimum qualification of graduation preferably in science subjects and with a progressive, materialistic outlook. Persons interested in the scientific works of Pavlov can also be a bonafide member of this Institute.

Dr. Dhirendranath Gangopadhyay (1911-1998) is the founder-father of this Institute. He tried to propagate the scientific principles and its social relevance of academician Ivan Petrovich Pavlov (1849-1936), so if somebody wants to be acquainted with this Institute then it is necessary to be acquainted with Pavlov and Dr. Ganguly. On other words the life and works of Dr. Ganguly is the history of this Institute.

Our Objectives

Staffed by experienced and committed doctors and paramedics, our professionally managed centres has three goals before it. Firstly, to develop a properly equipped research network geared towards conducting an in-depth study of the integration of psychosomatic nature of human illness. Secondly, the centres, while fully utilising the benefits of modern medico-technical progress, will try its best to unburden the patients of those unnecessary trapping – both diagnostic and therapeutic – which have, unfortunately, become the trade mark of conventional treatment. Thirdly, to inculcate in doctors and para-medics a spirit of dedicated service to the suffering humanity, particularly those who have very little to fall upon. It is this spirit that will act as the motivating and cementing factor of the centre.

We have such plans for the immediate future: Students and follower of Pavlov and Dhirendranath with renewed vigour and augmented resources, have come up with plans to realize his ideas. On the anvil are quite a few projects. Among them, the most ambitious one is the building of a permanent premises which will house all the activities of the Institute under one roof.

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