FACULTY members

Experts Behind...

Dr. B. Mukherjee

Pavlovian Psychiatrist, Hony. Director

Dr. G. Banerjee

Pavlovian Psychiatrist, Hony. President

Dr. Diptadhi Mukherjee

Psychiatrist, Specialist in Addiction Medicine

Dr. Amitranjan Basu

Psychiatrist, Specialist in Addiction Medicine

Dr. Beas Mukherjee

Anesthesiologist, Specialist in Critical Care Medicine

Mrs. Tultul Ghosh

Clinical Psychologist

Mr. Bankim Dutta

Social Activist

Mr. Gurudas Mukherjee

Social Activist

Mrs. Alpana Mukherjee

Nursing Staff

Mr. Bishnu Sarker

Psychologist, Medical Statistician, Academic Convenor

Mr. Nemai Dey

Senior Research Fellow

Mr. Sasticharan Mondal

Assistant Research fellow

Runa Misra

Pavlovian Educational Psychologist

Mousumi Ghosh

Pavlovian Counsellor, Social Activist

Rupa Mitra

Sikha Banerjee


Kamal Kumar Das


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